22 Apr 2024

Salon Mondial, Freilager-Platz 9, Münchenstein

Cartoonmuseum Basel, Profilbereich Osteuropa

Comics im Krieg: Finissage

Talk with Roman Horbyk and Anette Gehrig on comic and narrative warfare; live musical intervention by Oleksandra Katsalap

Talk between Roman Horbyk (Ukrainian specialist in media studies, propaganda, social media and informational warfare) and Anette Gehrig (Director of the Cartoonmuseum, Centre for Narrative Art).
In this talk, embedded in the exhibition, the media specialist and the comic specialist will engage in a conversation on the role of comics in informational warfare, on transmedial storytelling and on documentary comics as counter-propaganda.

Musical intervention, live by Oleksandra Katsalap (Musikakademie Basel)

Pain. Vin. Boursin.

Roman Horbyk is a media researcher and mainly deals with fake news, media and war, media and cultural history, especially in Estern Europe. He has also worked extensively as a print and television journalist. After studies in Kyiv, Aarhus, Berlin and Berkeley and defending two dissertations on the illustrated press in the 1920s Weimar Republic and Soviet Ukraine (National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 2015) and on the power of the media in the representation of Europe in Ukraine, Russia and Poland during the Euromaidan (Södertörn University, 2017), he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Södertörn, Umeà and Orebro Universities. Currently he holds a URIS fellowship at the University of Basel. In August 2024 ne will wranster to the University or Zurich.

Anette Genrig studied art theory and cultural studies at zurich University of the Arts. She has been director and curator of Cartoonmuseum Basel since 2008 and has curated exhibitions with Aline Kominsky-Crumb & Robert Crumb, Blutch, Catherine Meurisse, Christoph Niemann, Joe Sacco, Chris Ware and Joost Swarte and others, and is also an author of publications. The exhibitions at Cartoonmuseum Basel address the ful spectrum of narrative art and touch on related fields, such as animation and fine art.

Oleksandra Katsalap is a composer, pianist and performer from Ukraine. She studies composition and piano at Music Academy Basel since 2022 with Michel Roth, Tobias Schabenberger and Caspar Johannes Walter. Her pieces were performed in France, Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine. Her main interest is in the field of music theater.

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