10 Apr 2024
19:00  - 20:00

Salon Mondial, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein, Basel

Prof. Svitlana Pidoprygora (URIS) and Prof. Anna Hodel (Slavic Seminar)

Ausstellung / Vernissage

Vernissage Ausstellung Comics im Krieg: The Ukrainian Cartoon Magazine INKER 2022-2023. The Intersection of Art and Journalism

Curated by Prof. Svitlana Pidoprygora (URIS Fellow, University of Basel) and Prof. Anna Hodel (Slavic Seminar, University of Basel), this event is supported by institutions including the Basel Cartoon Museum, Atelier Mondial, and HGK.


Initially founded in 2022 to explore human rights topics through documentary comics and comics of social concern in Ukraine, INKER has since adapted its focus in response to the ongoing war. The magazine has become a unique platform for journalists, scriptwriters, and artists to create compelling stories that capture the complexities of war and the varying human experiences surrounding it. Through its pages, INKER offers an artistic perspective on the resilience, struggles, and real stories of civilians affected by the war.

The exhibition provides insight into a cultural phenomenon in today's Ukraine and demonstrates the range of sociocultural influence comics have developed as a medium for negotiating complex experiences and emotions.

The exhibition is open to visit until April 24th.

More information available here.

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