Einladung zur Keynote von Yaroslav Hrytsak, Basel: 29. Januar 2020, 18;15 Uhr

Im Rahmen der internationalen URIS Konferenz „Ukrainian Studies Today. State of the Arts in Switzerland“ hält der renommierte Historiker Prof. Dr. Yaroslav Hrytsak eine Keynote Lecture an der Alten Universität Basel (HS -101).

Non-Euclidean Nation: What and How Do We Write About Ukraine?

Ukraine has become a hot topic in the current mediascape. Stories about the Euromaidan, the Russian annexation of Crimea, the so-called “Ukrainegate,” the recent shooting down of a Ukrainian plane by Iran, prove once again that Ukraine-related issues are an important component of the global agenda. This makes a stark contrast to the state of affairs some two-three decades ago, when Ukraine – to quote the titles of important texts – was seen as “unexpected” and a “nowhere nation”.

This situation is not quite unique. The Ukrainian question was present, even if not explicitly, in the global turning moments of 1648-86, 1830-1848, 1914-1945, 1968 and 1985-91. In my presentation I will discuss how these moments are reflected in and by Ukrainian historical studies, as well as call for a global history and for a return to the longue durée.